Safer and More Efficient

"The City of Bunbury is proud to be leading the way, both in WA and across the country, in its efforts to implement smart and innovative technology to make the City safer, more efficient and more sustainable.”
- Mal Osborne, Chief Executive Officer

Benefits at a Glance

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Council operators are alerted to any issues

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Any where, any time monitoring and control

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Single sign-on for council operators

The Objective

The City of Bunbury has eleven emergency pump stations and floodgates, which it maintains and operates. The infrastructure are considered critical assets, as the Preston River flows across the Bunbury township and a major flood occurred in 1964.
The City of Bunbury was looking to update it's historical SCADA system and connect these assets to a platform so they could be controlled and monitored remotely.

The Solution

IoT sensors and devices were installed at each of the pump stations and connected into VROC's IoT platform, OASIS.
Data is sent from each of the pumps to the platform for real time monitoring, and alerts were established so that the Operations team received notifications if the pump stations had any faults or failures.

The Results

The City of Bunbury can now remotely monitor and control these critical systems, greatly improving the efficiencies of the Operations team, who previously conducted manual routine checks.

The Council is alerted in the case of any failure, helping them plan interventions and ensure the adequate performance of these critical assets.

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