For over two decades, PI ProcessBook has been a popular tool for industrial data visualization and analysis. However, with its retirement on the horizon and its outdated technology, many companies are looking for alternatives. DataHUB+, a modern process data historian and visualization tool, emerges as a strong contender to fill the gap left by PI ProcessBook. 

Understanding the PI ProcessBook Retirement 

AVEVA, the developer of PI ProcessBook, announced its retirement in late 2021, with support for the platform ending in December 2024. The primary reasons cited for this decision include: 

  • Outdated codebase: PI ProcessBook's underlying codebase is no longer considered up-to-date, making it vulnerable to security risks and limiting its ability to integrate with modern systems. 

  • Security concerns: With its aging architecture, PI ProcessBook can be susceptible to security breaches, posing a significant threat to industrial operations. 

  • Focus on new technologies: AVEVA is shifting its focus to developing newer solutions like PI Vision, which offers a more modern and secure platform for industrial data visualization. 

Introducing DataHUB+: A Feature-Rich Alternative 

DataHUB+ is a powerful process data historian and visualization tool designed specifically for industrial applications. It offers a wide range of features that make it a compelling alternative to PI ProcessBook, including: 

  • Scalability and robustness: DataHUB+ can handle large volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, making it suitable for even the most demanding industrial environments. 

  • Security: DataHUB+ is built with security in mind, featuring robust security protocols and encryption to protect sensitive industrial data. 

  • Integration capabilities: DataHUB+ seamlessly integrates with various industrial systems, including historians, SCADA systems, DCS, and PLCs, enabling you to consolidate data from diverse sources into a single platform. 

  • Advanced analytics: DataHUB+ provides a comprehensive suite of analytics tools to help you gain deeper real-time insights from your industrial data and optimize your operations. 

  • Modern user interface: DataHUB+ boasts a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it easy for users of all skill levels to access and analyse data.  

  • Enterprise: DataHUB+ can trend and analyse enterprise-wide production KPIs across multiple sites. 

  • Complete solution: DataHUB+ can solve multiple business needs, providing a complete end-to-end solution, including process historian, process data visualization, predictive analytics, no-code industrial AI, and web SCADA solution, with a competitive pricing structure. 

  • Rapid set-up: DataHUB+ is designed to be set-up and deployed rapidly, with no infrastructure requirement, making the transition from ProcessBook seamless and fast. 

  • Pricing model: DataHUB+’s pricing model is based on the number of tags per facility, has no hidden licensing fees, additional hardware costs, future system upgrades or individual user costs. This encourages organizations to share production data more broadly and encourage the use of data-led decision-making. This pricing model makes DataHUB+ more cost effective than other process data historian’s, resulting in a much lower overall cost of ownership.  


Similarities Between DataHUB+ and PI ProcessBook 

While DataHUB+ offers a more modern and feature-rich solution, it also shares some key similarities with PI ProcessBook, making it a smooth transition for existing users: 

  • Core functionality: Both platforms offer core functionalities like data visualization, reporting, alerts, trending and diagnostic analysis. 

  • Industrial focus: Both DataHUB+ and PI ProcessBook are designed specifically for industrial applications, understanding the unique needs of the industry. 

  • Data integration: Both platforms can integrate with various industrial data sources, allowing you to leverage your existing data infrastructure. 


The retirement of PI ProcessBook presents an opportunity for industrial companies to upgrade to a more modern and secure data management solution. DataHUB+, with its scalability, security, robust features, and familiar functionalities, stands out as a compelling cost-effective alternative. By migrating to DataHUB+, companies can gain valuable insights from their data, optimize operations, and make data-driven decisions for the future.


Interested in learning more about DataHUB+? Download the Product sheet here, or request a demo with our friendly team.

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