This two part series, hosted by Wipro, lifts-the-lid on AI Predictive Maintenance. In this second part we’ll explore how we can integrate AI Predictive Maintenance into customer operations seamlessly.

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In this second and final event, we’ll dive deeper into practical use cases for AI predictive maintenance, how to embed into your daily operations and rollout enterprise wide. We’ll lift the hood of VROC’s platform with a live demo and show reliability engineers, operators and maintenance teams how this technology can give you greater visibility of your plant and help you meet your production and reliability key metrics.

Hear from VROC’s Lead Data Scientist, Dr Sia Doshvarpassand, VROC’s CEO and Founder, Trevor Bloch and WIPRO’s Practice Partner, Digital & Domain for Energy in the Middle East, Syed Jamal Shaharyar.


  1. Learn how data science democratisation can have your team creating AI models and solving problems in next to no time without any coding experience
  2. Real use-cases for predictive maintenance across Industries
  3. Real use cases for process optimization using AI and Auto-Machine Learning
  4. Discover how to commence a POC and/or start your industrial analytics digital transformation
  5. Learn when and why the use of digital twins and predictive maintenance technology works best


Lead Data Scientist, VROC


Sia is a Mechanical Engineer with over 10 years of experience in oil and gas downstream equipment design. He is an expert Data Analyst/Scientist with extensive experience in asset health and integrity data analytics, risk/failure mode analysis and prediction, production/operation optimisations, process automation, consumer behaviour and market studies in both academic and industrial environments.

Practice Partner, Digital & Domain - Energy, Middle East, Wipro


Syed has 23 years of experience in the IT consulting and business development across US, Europe and Middle East . He is responsible as a Domain & Digital Lead for Energy Vertical for Middle East based in Dubai. Syed has led Offshoring and Outsourcing initiatives across Europe in the Energy & manufacturing domain across IT and Engineering Services. He has performed Performance Improvement projects, IT Strategy and IT Management across for multiple customers. Syed has also managed delivery teams engaged with customers in application development, ERP implementation as well as Application Support.

CEO and Founder, VROC


Trevor Bloch is able to combine his extensive experience working in traditional consulting engineering and tech start-ups to provide the company with the vision it needs to succeed in this new field of industrial information technology. Skilled in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data, Distributed Processing, Industrial Process Control, and Control Systems Engineering. A determined leader, Trevor is always looking for ways in which VROC can push the envelope and deliver their clients results that far exceed their expectations.

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