Unprecedented Control

“this will allow the City of Bunbury to have unprecedented control over its decorative lighting... This adds to the previous project allowing the City to control a number of different elements from the one control platform, and will help light up our beautiful landmarks around the CBD.”
The City of Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan

The Challenge

It is still common for cities and councils around the world to either manually turn on street lighting or set on/off times as required. Faults to lights are frequently reported by city residents, following which operations teams co-ordinate and send out maintenance teams to check and fix. Sometimes then calling-out specialist electrical engineers and technicians. This process involves numerous personnel and can result in delays to work being completed and public safety being compromised.

This manual process can be replaced by a smarter-faster digital management platform which harnesses IoT technology, artificial intelligence along with CCTV and live weather monitoring.

The Solution

The Results

The VROC Smart Cities digital management platform can be connected to existing IoT infrastructure to provide the city with safer, more intelligent and reliable street lighting service. A benefit to both the city and it’s community, and one that is more sustainable into the future.

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