Reduce unplanned downtime

A new approach to predictive maintenance, without false alarms based on pre-defined thresholds, that use up valuable resources.

Paper Overview

Enhance Predictive Maintenance with Machine Learning

Predictive maintenance is the holy grail for reliability engineers. However, rule-based predictive maintenance has its limitations, lacking the ability to detect new anomalies that can lead to sudden equipment failure.  This whitepaper explores how predictive maintenance methods can be enhanced by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). 

What’s covered?

  • Learn how machine learning predictive maintenance works
  • Discover nine unique benefits – each with real industry-based case studies
  • Understand the difference between rules-based and ML-based predictive maintenance

Who should read this document?

  • Reliability/Process/Instrument Engineers
  • Field/Plant Operators
  • Operations/Asset/Production Managers and Supervisors
  • Head of Asset Management/Operations
  • Head of Innovation
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