How VROC works

Fully automated, completely integrated

Proven results in weeks, not years

VROC is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Big Data and Predictive Maintenance solution, specifically designed and built for industrial companies. VROC will seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure with no disruption to your operations.

  1. VROC streams real-time data from your existing equipment sensors, process information, lab data, CMMS and even manually gathered information into the VROC data centre.
  2. Using our enterprise grade machine learning technologies and advanced analytics algorithms, VROC prepares and processes this data for you.
  3. With this set of data, VROC firstly models the normal operation of the plant and equipment and then models what past failures look like.  This is, to detect the extremely small signs that indicate a failure is imminent.

This information is then provided through our user customisable live dashboards. The information is calculated and presented in real-time, which shows a list of equipment most likely to fail in the near term and provides a quantified estimated Time to Failure (TTF) and confidence level. In addition, VROC also displays the dominant factors contributing to the failure prediction.

Benefits we bring to you

Proven results in WEEKS, not YEARS

Fast implementation with no disruption to your operations. Complete a low-cost, low-risk production trial with VROC to validate the value to your organisation before committing into full production use. Put us to the test.
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