Industrial Asset Maintenance Reimagined

VROC Predict is a leading AI and auto machine learning platform for industrial predictive maintenance (PdM).
With 82 percent of industrial assets exhibiting a random failure pattern, preventative maintenance regimes are both costly and ineffective.  Each year unplanned downtime costs the industrial manufacturing industry approximately $50 billion per year, devasting the bottom line.
With VROC Predict it is possible to eliminate unplanned downtime and increase the reliability and integrity of assets, improving safety and delivering millions of dollars in operational cost savings.

Our unique AI platform empowers subject matter experts and engineers to monitor their processes and equipment in real-time, from anywhere, and model future performance to predict failures in advance – with no programming or coding experience necessary.
By connecting existing disparate plant data, our artificial intelligence platform analyses and learns how your industrial processes and equipment operate, providing your team with sufficient lead time to mitigate failures and plan maintenance activities.  Request a demo today and transform your asset maintenance


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"I love the software, it gives me confidence that my equipment is working and we're on top of our maintenance." Oil and Gas Maintenance Superintendent

Prevent Unplanned Downtime with time to failure alerts

Leave the guess work behind. With VROC Predict you will know what, when and why equipment will fail, in advance.  Through live data from IoT sensors and historical learnings, our dashboard will monitor the health of your systems, tracking any off-spec deviations and alerting your team days or weeks before any incident occurs.   This time to failure monitoring is critical for any high value asset, ensuring you remain in production and avoid costly sudden failures.

See how VROC detected the first ever failure on a water pump

Fast and Accurate Root Cause Analysis for optimized maintenance

VROC Predict allows for thorough root cause analysis, ensuring that you treat the cause of the problem rather than the outlining incidents. VROC’s AI models can identify unexpected causations of errors that human analysis is unable to locate, taking into consideration short and medium term contributing factors over time.  This predictive analysis has the power to save millions of dollars spent maintaining equipment that continually fails. 

See how VROC's accurate root cause analysis helped avoid a major safety incident 

Monitor equipment health in real-time from anywhere

Get updates at a glance with the live condition of your assets and their predicted outputs, helping you decided when you need to schedule maintenance, resources and order spare parts.  VROC Predict helps save hours of maintenance planning time, improves product quality and increases equipment uptime. 

Customise your dashboard so you see what is most important to you, pull in data from multiple sources and isolate specific metrics for a more granular analysis.

See how one company reduced personnel on board with remote monitoring

A digital twin of your operations

VROC’s AI advance analytics can be overlaid on any visualisation, mirroring your assets reliability, availability and performance.
Take your digital twin to the next level, from a file repository, asset locator and training tool, to a platform that shows you the health of your entire operation. 

Senior management will enjoy being able to view the live condition and the future predictions, while operators can drill down into the advanced analytics to draw meaningful insights to assist with critical decision making.
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The VROC Model Wizard allows you to create your own AI Models, responding to business needs in a timely manner - without programming or coding experience.


The easy to use, drag-and-drop web-based platform gives you the flexibility to create multiple dashboards, tailored exactly to your needs.



You maintain complete control over your data and have the flexibility to pull in data sets, choosing how you want to display and analyse the data. Intricate processes can be analysed in full and you can isolate specific metrics for a more granular analysis.

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