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VROC Optimize is a leading AI Predictive Analytics platform that allows industrial teams to model processes and assets to identify opportunities for optimization.

Without programming or coding experience existing teams can analyze their data and uncover insights to help with;

  • Asset life extension and planning for shutdowns and decommissioning

  • Increased productivity or equipment output

  • Cost reduction – including operational, material or power consumption costs

  • Improved safety, quality and environmental outcomes, such as reduced flaring or waste contamination

  • Energy management and forecasting to reduce waste and consumption

  • Optimizing manpower (POB) for O&M

Dive deeper into your asset's data than ever before. Discover unexpected correlations that existed unnoticed, with detailed root cause analysis so you can focus your efforts.

Our real-time artificial intelligence insights allow you to take immediate action based on accurate predictions, rather than make theoretical recommendations with historical data modelling.

Democratise the use of data in your organisation. Empower your operations and subject matter experts with our easy to use AI model wizard and customisable dashboards, and equip your data science teams with an advanced analytics tool that allows them to develop highly complex algorithms for your businesses most challenging problems.
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"Technically you couldn't get this particular decision to be made, as fast as that" Head of Offshore Operations

Optimize end-of-life assets

VROC’s automated AI platform allows operators optimize their end-of-life asset reliability and economics by providing critical insights necessary to maintain asset integrity and regulatory compliance.

This allows the maintenance tasks to be prioritized and executed using real-time metrics with asset life dashboards providing visibility to stakeholders on KPIs, Time-to-Failure, Production Trends, Root Causes and main contributors to current and future events.

Information from the VROC platform can be combined with economic analysis to model decommissioning plans for an asset.  

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Compare Identical Processes

With the VROC platform you can compare two or more similar or identical process to identify the causes of differences in performance of the entire system.
VROC conducted this AI analysis for a power generation client, who had a discrepancy between two identical air supply units.  VROC was able to identify the cause of a significant deviation in one of the systems which was causing excessive energy consumption and reliability issues. By optimising the system the client was able to save in annual fuel costs.
See the case study here 


Advanced analytical tools for data science professionals

The VROC platform along with its self-serve model wizard, has advanced analytical tools for data science individuals.
These tools allow data scientists to develop highly complex algorithms, and free-form calculations for complex problem solving. The advantage to using these tools on the VROC platform is the ability to run models on large volumes of real-time industrial data, producing fast results which can be deployed into a live environment seamlessly. 
Typically data scientists spend large amounts of time preparing data, and are only able to model against limited data due to local computing limitations.  Discover more in our whitepaper  and see how advanced AI analytics is helping solve complex issues such as subsurface instability and sand production in the oil and gas industry

Forecast future performance and consumption

Increase confidence in your production or consumption predictions with VROC’s forecasting tool.  Highly complex forecasting models can be trained to look at live and historic data and forecast into the future with superior accuracy.  

This powerful tool has been used to predict future energy supply levels, and forecast results 7 days in advance.  See the case study here

VROC forecasting models

Why VROC Optimise

Automated Unlimited AI Modelling

The VROC Model Wizard allows you to create your own AI Models, responding to business needs in a timely manner - without programming or coding experience.

User Friendly Interface

The easy to use, drag-and-drop web-based platform gives you the flexibility to create multiple dashboards, tailored exactly to your needs.


Data Ownership & Control

You maintain complete control over your data and have the flexibility to pull in data sets, choosing how you want to display andanalyse the data. Intricate processes can be analysed in full and you can isolate specific metrics for a more granular analysis.

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