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The volume of data produced by an asset or an entire process is rich in potential insights - provided you have a way to make sense of what this big data is telling you.

VROC Optimise gives you insight you didn't even know you needed - by identifying equipment and process anomalies, we can predict future problems and failures even in instances where there hasn't been past evidence of any underlying issues.

Thanks to the power of our AI enabled platform, you can rest assured that you'll never be operating sub-optimally again.

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Degradation Modelling Optimises Asset Longevity

VROC Optimise is a turnkey solution that uses AI and machine learning to analyze live and historical data to return actionable insights, in real time.

VROC Optimise provides you with both a high level overview of your equipment, as well as a deep dive analysis into individual components, so you know where to focus your efforts.   In the image on the right the System Overview shows that Pump A is in need of urgent attention.

Optimise your man-power, resources and assets through VROC.


DNA Map Provides Wholeistic Analysis

In a DNA Map, multiple components of your equipment are modelled (such as temperature, pressure, vibration). The AI models measure any deviation from normal operation for each component, changing the colour in the bar chart from healthy (green) to failure (red), giving valuable insights about your systems health, and warnings of deviations prior to any sudden failure.  The graphs show the predicted value and the actual value from individual components, the predicted value is closely matched to the actual.

VROC Optimise provides insights that enable you to make adjustments to settings which can drastically improve your assets output and lifespan.

Granular Analytics For Deeper Insights

VROC Optimise gives your team the power to dive deeper into your asset’s data than ever before. Discover unexpected correlations that existed unnoticed, and short and medium term contributing factors to asset degradation. Increase your confidence in predictions through greater analysis of your equipment’s health and DNA. Optimise the lifespan of your assets through VROC Optimise.  

Why VROC Optimise

Automated Unlimited AI Modelling

The VROC Model Wizard allows you to create your own AI Models, responding to business needs in a timely manner

User Friendly Interface

The easy to use, drag-and-drop web-based platform gives you the flexibility to create multiple dashboards, tailored exactly to your needs


Data Ownership & Control

You maintain complete control over your data and have the flexibility to pull in data sets, choosing how you want to display andanalyse the data. Intricate processes can be analysed in full and you can isolate specific metrics for a more granular analysis.

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