VROC is proud to announce the latest release of OASIS, a significant upgrade to our IIoT platform designed specifically for facility and council asset managers and plant operations teams. OASIS empowers remote monitoring, control and automation of assets and systems. Through the integration of IoT devices and sensors into one central platform, teams overcome the challenges of data silos and can improve operational efficiencies.

Built as a Web SCADA solution for cities and organisations with assets dispersed geographically, operators can monitor and control a vast number of assets from a centralised position. OASIS IoT Platform. Packaged Plant Overview

VROC is continually improving the OASIS platform, releasing updates to enhance features and functionality. The recent release of OASIS includes a vast number of features that make both deploying the solution and using the solution more user friendly. These include: 

Key Features and Enhancements in OASIS – release 4:

 • Map View Enhancement: Customers can gain real-time visibility over moving assets from the map view interface, and control assets, such as HVAC systems and other assets from the same view.

Process Flow Visualization: Experience real-time process flow visualization with alerts based on predefined thresholds.

Dynamic Process Flow Changes:  Easily configure the process-flow to match live changes, such as when an asset is offline, which changes the process flow. This automatically updates elsewhere, including the local panel onsite.

Improved User Interface: Enjoy a more intuitive user interface, making it easier for operators to locate information and adjust settings efficiently. From basic controls on local operator panels to access to advanced features, OASIS streamlines operations for users at every level. Additionally, thanks to responsive improvements, operations personnel can now view and control their facilities from their desktop PC, mobile or tablet devices, anytime, anywhere.

Enhanced Analytics: Access simplified analytics tools within OASIS for basic insights, with seamless integration to DataHUB4.0 for analytics and dashboarding capabilities. Operators can now make data-driven decisions more effectively, optimizing operational performance.

OASIS IoT Platform. Packaged Process Plant. Dynamic Process Flow

Single Sign-On Authentication: Seamlessly authenticate users with single sign-on functionality, ensuring secure access while automatically customizing system views based on user privileges. This feature simplifies user management and enhances security across the platform.

Helpdesk for Remote Operations Teams: Integrated within OASIS is a helpdesk which allows ‘on-location’ personnel to easily contact the remote operations team. Remote Operations teams can manage support tickets, edit ticket workflows, and produce reports on the type, frequency and duration of tickets.  This is a great solution for on-site personnel who need to request spares, request engineer tech support or share plant operational videos/photos with the centralized support team. 


Integration with OPUS AI Platform:

OASIS seamlessly integrates with VROC's AI Platform, OPUS, enabling predictive maintenance and proactive intervention strategies. By combining OASIS' monitoring and control capabilities with OPUS' predictive analytics, operators can anticipate equipment deviations and plan interventions to prevent costly downtime.

Global Deployment:

With the latest enhancements, VROC is now deploying OASIS not only within Australia but also across the globe. Whether it's managing remote packaged plants, water pumps, or city lighting installations, OASIS continues to meet the evolving needs of operators worldwide.


The new release of OASIS represents a significant advancement in the monitoring, control and automation of assets and systems. OASIS empowers operators to achieve greater efficiency,  and cost-effectiveness in managing critical infrastructure assets.


For more information about OASIS and how it can benefit your operations, contact our team today.

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