AI Predictive Analytics FOR OIL AND GAS

The Oil and Gas (O&G) Industry is considered to be the biggest sector in the world in terms of dollar value. However history tells us this industry is highly volatile and under immense pressure to maintain a lower break-even price, due to changes in the energy market and supply and demand fluctuations.  
Ageing unreliable assets, which are common throughout the industry, create inevitable maintenance costs and expose considerable safety and environmental risks.   
VROC’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform brings advanced predictive data analytics technology to the Oil and Gas industry, delivering;


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"In a span of 2 years we have recorded close to 24m USD worth of cost avoidance, that is money well spent when we can avoid future cost to our operations." Head of Innovation, Oil and Gas Producer

OIL and Gas Case Study

A failure that took 4,000 man-hours to identify, VROC was able to process in 45 minutes.

With the ability to produce results 2000x faster, imagine the productivity gains your company could make?

AI is no longer a buzz word or a pipe dream - the real and tangible benefits are being felt across the industrial world. And with the ability to build extreme productivity and profitability into an industry like Oil and Gas, those leading the charge with digital transformation will see the results first hand.

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