Making Your Data Work For You

Much to their disadvantage, some industrial sectors have been slow to embrace the use of big data. Thankfully, many operators are now coming around to realise the potential of this revolutionary new technology. 

Price fluctuations and unstable markets are now a fact of life, so when the next commodities shakeout or market shock comes it will be tech-savvy firms that will be best placed to weather the storm and then thrive when conditions improve.

Lots of companies now have the technology to collect large data sets, but this alone will not give you an advantage. It’s the ability to quickly process this information in a way that enables you to make better business decisions that will give your company an edge.

The advantages come in key areas such as:
  • Cost - Reducing total cost of maintenance, maximising Mean Time to Failure (MTF) and extending the life of equipment.
  • Production - Maximising uptime and minimising downtime while maintaining the right balance of maintenance requirements.
  • Personnel - Ensuring the right amount of total labour to meet production and maintenance.
  • Inventory - Ensuring controlled reductions in the inventory of materials and spare parts for capacity planning without compromising production and maintenance.
Big Data

At VROC we have the skills, experience and technology to make this happen. We’ll make sure that you’re collecting the right data and are able to use it to make the most effective decisions possible.

Every business knows unexpected equipment failure and process degradation cost time and money from productivity loss, reputational damage and human injury.
Our predictive maintenance technology can allow you to stop these problems before they occur. This allows you to avoid injuries and transform unplanned shutdowns into planned maintenance events.
big data analytics