It’s a fact of life that unscheduled breakdowns hurt your business and lead to:

  • Loss of production and reduced productivity 
  • Inability to meet project/delivery schedules 
  • Damage to your reputation and customer confidence 
  • Material waste 
  • Human injuries

Our Predictive Maintenance solution uses data from the sensors already installed in your equipment. It gathers historical data to automatically build a prediction model for your whole operation. We then produce an estimated time to failure for each piece of your equipment.

Predictive Maintenance

In short, this means that you can identify breakdowns before they occur, allowing you to:

  • Prioritise scarce maintenance resources on items predicted as most likely to breakdown. 
  • Order parts just-in-time, reducing maintenance spares inventories and shelf spoilage. 
  • Reduce costs and damage related to unscheduled breakdowns.

VROC’s Predictive Maintenance solution is a game changer because it puts you in complete control of the success of your operation. Rather than reacting when problems occur, you’re able to ensure that everything runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Because our technology uses advanced Machine Learning to identify the characteristics of your plant, it also becomes more accurate the longer it runs.

Every business knows unexpected equipment failure and process degradation cost time and money from productivity loss, reputational damage and human injury.
Our predictive maintenance technology can allow you to stop these problems before they occur. This allows you to avoid injuries and transform unplanned shutdowns into planned maintenance events.
Preventive Maintenance Solution