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In an asset intensive world, traditional management sytems and processes are no longer capable of keeping up with the huge amounts of data being produced.

Your biggest assets can often be your biggest expense with multiple condition monitoring systems needed for each different piece of equipment - and no way to make sense of the masses of data produced.

Artificial intellignce technologies like machine learning change the game of asset management by allowing to identify and flag abnormal operation and predict time to failure - well in advance of any failures actually occuring.

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Unlock operational efficiencies you never dreamed possible with predictive analytics, powered by AI.

Make proactive maintenance decisions based on actionable insights.

Let our machine learning engines detect asset anomalies to predict and prevent problems before they happen so you can reduce downtime and incidents while improving productivity, sustainability, safety and profit. 


Overhaul your maintenance strategy with actionable insights that enable you to design just-in-time maintenance regimes to minimize downtime and reduce costs​.

Calculate risk levels, failure probability and critical impact based on advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

Determine why, where and how your assets might fail using root-cause analysis, time to failure predictions and holistic asset data.


Whether your assets are connected with sensors or unconnected and unsensored we can leverage any data available to help you make the best maintenance decisions possible.

Leverage user-friendly, fully customisable dashboard to re-design processes to optimise production.

Use cutting edge technology to rapidly identify complex trends and patterns and genrate data-driven recommendations based on real-time asset conditions.

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$1.2M in Savings with data driven asset management

Thanks to artificially intelligent algorithms, your asset management can be supercharged like never before.

Even an asset heavy refinery with more than 170,000 sensors and 44.4 billion data points to analyse is no match for the the power of our machine learning platform.

The resulting impacts were over $1.2M in savings due to reduction of maintenance costs and downtime.

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